Saturday, September 11, 2010

Thierry Mugler Rouge Unique Lipstick - 4 Thunder

I love iconic fashion designer Thierry Mugler. When I read that he had created a cosmetic line, I knew I would need his most red lipstick.
Here in London, shade 4 Thunder is impossible to get. You can't imagine my delight when a very sweet Twitter friend of mine offered to send one from the United States.
The shape of the bullet is Mugler's trademark star and the red is bright. I found on my skin it turned a pink/coral red. It is creamy and moisturising.

I am so pleased to have added this product to my collection and I give many red cyber kisses to my beautiful Twitter friend Lily!


Anonymous said...

I just bought it!!!
I love it, its so beautiful the color, its been almost 2 years I tried and I couldnt forget it!!!!!!!!!

miss claret said...

Congratulations!!! I hope you enjoy - it is beautiful :) C xx