Sunday, March 28, 2010

Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland

I went to see Tim Burton'ss Alice in Wonderland at the IMAX Cinema and have decided that I want to live in the Red Queen's Castle - how spectacular! I wonder what red lipstick she was wearing???

Givenchy Rouge Interdit Satin Lipstick - 17 Rouge Cancan

I wanted to try Givenchy's Rouge Interdit - 17 Rouge Cancan lipstick range after seeing Liv Tyler as the face of Givenchy's Cosmetic House.
The lipstick turned out to be surprisingly sheer. I had anticipated a heavier and more satin finish. It had a creamy almost glossy consistency. I felt the lipstick was moisturising but soon learned that sheer meant more touch ups!
The scent was classic and reminded me of lipsticks my mother had when I was a little girl.

Lancome Color Fever Matte Lipstick - 151 Avant Garde Red

I love Matte lipstick so when I discovered Lancome's Color Fever Matte Lipstick in 151 - Red Avant-Garde I bought it straight away.
The texture and pigment are amazing. It is lightweight, the colour stays bright and vibrant and it does not bleed. I love love love everything about this stunning lipstick.

I was delighted to read on Karla Sugar's website that Lancome have released a new Matte range in the United States - Color Design Matte. I wonder if it will reach the shores of Oz?

Monday, March 22, 2010

Christian Dior Mitza Sunglasses

This week I had a 'moment' that resulted in purchasing a pair of limited edition Christian Dior Mitza sunglasses. The glasses were inspired by Madame Mitza Bricard, who was the famous muse of Christian Dior himself.

I was told (and happily believe) that there are only a handful of these available in Australia. I don't regret the purchase at all - it was love at first sight :)

Yves Saint Laurent - Golden Gloss - Shimmering Lip Gloss - 17 Golden Cherry

I never wear lip gloss so coming across YSL's Golden Gloss / Shimmering Lip Gloss in 17 Golden Cherry was quite a novelty. I had been on the YSL beauty website and read that each tube "contains 0,2‰ of 24 carats" gold which intrigued me, I was also very taken with the packaging.
As with all glosses, I found that it was prone to bleeding. I used a clear liner which helped somewhat. The gold flecks were subtle but visible and effective and the scent (as with most YSL lip products at the moment) was fruity, modern and fresh. The consistency works well for building the colour - you can wear it sheer or layered for darker red lip impact!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Guerlain Kiss Kiss Lipstick - 522 Insolence De Rouge

I came across Guerlain's Kiss Kiss Lipstick in 522 - Insolence De Rouge after reading an interview with Dita Von Teese.
I found this beautiful bright red lipstick to be light weight and highly pigmented. It stays on the lips and it does not bleed or feather. It is lightly fragranced and lovely to wear.
I noticed that there are many red shades in this particular range and am keen to add a few more to my collection - thanks for that Dita!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Revlon Matte Lipstick - 005 Strawberry Suede, 006 Really Red, 007 In The Red

A while back I was at my local chemist and discovered the Revlon Matte Lipstick range. It was the 1940s inspired advertisement that had caught my eye. I noticed that there were three beautiful red shades that I could not leave behind.
Initially I was not sure about 005 - Strawberry Suede because it looked quite pink. I tried some on and within a few seconds it turned a bright coral red so was sold instantly. My favourite shade is 006 - Really Red, which is a classic 1940's red - I just love it!
Despite being Matte, the consistency is surprisingly lightweight and creamy. It does not cake and it stays in place well. I found all three red colours to be opaque and highly pigmented with no obvious fragrance. For those vintage inspired girls out there - very worth adding to your collection.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Silk Knot Headbands

Today I am finishing up a couple of silk knot headbands for a client. She has asked that I make one in red and black - I hope she likes them.

Yves Saint Laurent - Rouge Pure Shine Lipstick - 1 Red Strass

Another red lipstick I recently purchased was YSL's Rouge Pure Shine in 1 Red Strass. I don't wear sheer lip colour all that often so was I not entirely sure what to expect. The colour turned out to be a summery raspberry and lightly scented which was lovely, however I could feel the little bits of glitter which I guess were added to give that wet shine look. Being sheer, the staying power was not like that of a satin finish or matte lipstick and I did find that it moved. I would certainly recommend wearing a clear lip liner (like one from Revlon or Benefit) to ensure the colour stays in place. I found that on the lips, the colour appeared lighter.
The packaging, however is exquisite, somewhat Art Deco with a modern twist. In recent months I have been very impressed with YSL's lipstick packaging - so did not regret this purchase at all.

Yves Saint Laurent - Rouge Pur Lipstick - 150 Sublime Red

Ever since YSL released their glorious Rouge Volupte lipstick range, I have taken a lot of interest in YSL cosmetics. First find (after 4 Rouge Voluptes) was the stunning Rouge Pur - 150 Sublime Red. It is a light weight lip colour with staying power. Lightly fragranced with a fruity scent, it is a bright red that I am over joyed to have found.

The Red Badge of Courage

Every age has its own courageous gesture. The knight drew his sword. The gallant threw down his glove. The seigneur coolly took his pinch of snuff. There is a modern gesture to be added to the list... a purely feminine gesture. When a woman has lost her lover, when a girl has lost her job, when the doctor has told his fatal news, when the luck is leaving, the dinner party flopping, the birth pains beginning, the scandal breaking, the storm striking, the other woman sailing by in triumph... the sudden streak of lipstick across the lips spells courage. It is not done frivolously, but resolutely, desperately, defiantly, even gaily, with the dash and dignity of a courageous heart. Before the dim dressing-table of the night club, in the noncommittal mahogany mirror of the doctor's waiting room, in the hushed half light of the night nursey, in the smart, hard glitter of the descending elevator, proud fingers wield their weapon. The act reinforces the spirit. The streak of red steadies trembling lips. For one poignant moment, the little stick takes on the significance of a sword.
- Harpers Bazaar 1946