Thursday, October 6, 2011

Kiko : Make Up Milano - Velvet Mat Lipstick - 606

Another fantastic lipstick by Kiko : Make Up Milano, Velvet Mat Lipstick in 606. Darker red than 605, but equally beautiful. Great on the lips and excellent value for money.


Anonymous said...

I bought it and gave it to my my mother as it turned too orange on me. But I have three other velvet mats from kiko which are very pretty. The luscious cream one are also very comfortable and the one I have (rubellite) is quite similar in texture to the velvets mats : not at all slippery nor glossy

miss claret said...

Your mother is lucky :)
I thought this colour was quite orange on at first... but actually got used to it very quickly and REALLY REALLY love wearing it. I've been teaming it with a matching hat (orange red) this week it's a lot of fun!
With regards to the Rubellite lipstick... I am curious... it sounds absolutely lovely! C xx