Tuesday, January 31, 2012

By Terry Rouge Terrybly Age-Defence Lipstick - 200 Frenetic Vermilion

By Terry's Terrybly Age-Defence lipstick - 200 Frenetic Vermilion is a vibrant red. It has a creamy and opaque consistency, it stays on the lips well and incredibly moisturising. Another beautiful lipstick for my collection :)


Anonymous said...

how does it compare to the delectation formula? there are some beautyful reds in the new line and luckily more swatches for an web shopper as me

miss claret said...

I wore the Age-Defence lipstick today and the Delectation yesterday to compare and it is really difficult to spot a major difference. They are both so similar and both impressive! There appear to have a different scent and the Delectation seems to be slightly thicker or waxier. But to compare major differences is difficult. I am VERY impressed with both (and the colours are divine)!! xx