Sunday, June 24, 2012

Lancome Color Fever Lipcolor - 130 Soho Red

Lancome's Color Fever Lipcolor in 130 Soho Red is a coral red. It is a creamy consistency and very nice to wear. The colour is bright, which is refreshing for me here in Melbourne where the weather is currently cold and days are dark early. I'd forgotten I had this lipstick and was very pleased to rediscover it.


Dora Rattigan said...

Is it cold there? soooooooo lucky! Here in Italy it's hot like hell!
Very nice your new lipstick, but Lancome is too expensive for my ;-(

miss claret said...

Hi Dora :) It is so so cold here at the moment - just 11 degree which I guess it's not really all that cold, but for us Australians - it is! I feel sorry for you in the heat (I don't enjoy the heat either).. I hope you manage to stay cool! C xx

Dora Rattigan said...

Well, last february here there was a ice weather (-25), and now there are 38 degrees. The worst is that I'm not in the mood for make up at all! Everything I lay on my face, just sweats away! Oh, I love to chat with someone on the other side of earth! Thank you!