Monday, March 22, 2010

Christian Dior Mitza Sunglasses

This week I had a 'moment' that resulted in purchasing a pair of limited edition Christian Dior Mitza sunglasses. The glasses were inspired by Madame Mitza Bricard, who was the famous muse of Christian Dior himself.

I was told (and happily believe) that there are only a handful of these available in Australia. I don't regret the purchase at all - it was love at first sight :)


Anonymous said...

nice choice! i've got the same glasses *.*

ciaooo from italy

libby said...

Do you have any other pictures of it? I'm looking to purchase a pair online, but I'd love to see other pictures of these cute sunglasses that aren't the manufacturer's own. Can you send them to my email at: bargain.shopper08{at}yahoo{dot}com? Thank you very much!!